Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make your visit to this website as easy and intuitive as we possibly can. We do get some questions from time to time and the most common of these are shown below to help you get the most out of your Best London Restaurants experience.

What is a service charge?

In many restaurants across the UK an optional service charge is becoming increasingly common. Most restaurants now add an 'optional' service charge to your bill of between 10% and 15% of the total value of your bill. You can always ask for this to be taken off your bill. In many ways the service charge is added to replace the 'tip' we are used to giving. That said, many of us would still tip as well so it does seem a little confusing! Where possible we will highlight exactly what service charge each venue adds to your bill. If in doubt always ask before your bill arrives.

Further reading on service charges can be found at the website.

Do I make payment in advance?

Most of the venues listed on our website do not require a deposit up-front. You simply enter your contact details in the reservation form and your table is booked. We would recommend that you do cancel your booking if you cannot make your visit as this opens up the table for someone else. It only takes a minute and it is good manners to do so.

What is the correct dress code?

The majority of venues request that their guests be dressed in 'smart casual' clothing. This is a quite broad definition but usually excludes trainers, sportswear, shorts, flip-flops or anything that could be deemed scruffy. If ever in doubt, we recommend that you contact the venue beforehand to make sure you are wearing the correct attire.

My email confirmation hasn't arrived, what should I do?

Sometimes a confirmation email may end up in your spam/junk folder so it is worth checking there first of all. Please be assured that for successfully completed bookings all venues have a copy of your booking on their own system. When you arrive you simply give your name and you will be seated.

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