Homage at The Waldorf

Homage at The Waldorf

The Waldorf Hilton, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD

Homage Restaurant is located in one of the stately ballrooms of the Waldorf Hilton right next to Covent Garden. As you might expect, it is a prestige restaurant which has set itself very high standards in the preparation and service of Mediterranean cuisine, although the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Inspired by the grand cafés of Europe, fashionable London restaurant Homage at The Waldorf Hilton hotel has a stunning Louis XVI-style decor. Enjoy Scottish smoked salmon or the acclaimed tarte au citron with a glass of champagne among the chandeliers, elegant columns, leather banquets and modern art. Homage restaurant looks lovely and delivers a thoroughly satisfying meal for a price that won't ruin you. Well worth a visit.

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