Mon Plaisir

Mon Plaisir

19-21 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DD

Hailed as the oldest French restaurant in London, Mon Plaisir in Covent Garden continues to serve first class brasserie cuisine in a traditional Gallic ambiance. This classic French eatery has been a firm favourite on the Covent Garden restaurant scene for many years and really couldn’t be more authentic. The dining room is full of original French artefacts and the pewter topped bar, taken from a Lyonnais brothel, adds a real charm.

Split into four intimate rooms, Mon Plaisir boasts an eclectic clientele, from loyal regulars, celebs and savvy tourists and is ideal for any type of dining occasion from business to romantic. Native French waiters dressed in black bow ties effortlessly attend to the tables and the atmosphere is friendly and unpretentious. As for the menu, classic French brasserie cuisine is the order of the day with dishes such as creamy champagne risotto with scallops coq au vin de Bourgogne and wild boar shepherds pie with crushed chestnuts and cranberry sauce. The French cheeseboard is well worth checking out and the wine list is impressive. Mon Plaisir is certainly a pleasure and long may it reign as one of the longest surviving French restaurants in London.

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