Tamada Restaurant

Tamada Restaurant

122 Boundary Road, London NW8 0RH

London is well known for its superbly diverse choice of restaurants and the Tamada restaurant in St John’s Wood is a prime example of this. Bringing the delicious cuisine of Georgia to the capital of the UK, Tamada offers an interesting culinary alternative for London’s avid restaurant goers. Experience a whole new dining experience and some pretty delicious new flavours at the Tamada restaurant.

Perched on the Northern end of the upmarket St John’s Wood, Tamada is a bijou eatery with light wood floors and attractive décor. The authentic Georgian menu features a great ion of typical dishes from the region such as the Khinkali meat dumplings or the Jarkoe Tamada Special (baked layers of veal with fried onions, baked potatoes, cheese, herbs and topped with black pepper and mayonnaise).

Don’t forget to try the amazing desserts- the traditional Georgian Chitisdze (honey cream cakes glazed with chocolate) will guarantee your return to this charming eatery. If you love this type of food or if you just want to try something different, Tamada is a great choice of restaurant.

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