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Geales Notting Hill

2 Farmer Street, Kensington W8 7SNFish & SeafoodBest London Restaurants

Geales Fish Restaurant is a gourmet fish and chip restaurant offering a range of items, including soups and salads as well as their extensive range of sublime seafood dishes.


Beach Blanket Babylon Notting Hill

45 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill W11 2AAModern European Best London Restaurants

This is a restaurant designed to impress and we're sure that you won't be disappointed if it's a stylish night in trendy Notting Hill that you're after.


Pomona's Restaurant & Bar

47 Hereford Road W2 5AHInternationalBest London Restaurants

Pomona’s is a superb choice for dining in Notting Hill and is setting the standards for sustainable dining in London.


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